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How to reduce the labor intensity of Open mxing mill machine ?


It is necessary to need open mixing mill machine in the rubber production industry, At the same time, This machine operator's labor intensity is relatively large, Then how do you reduce the labor intensity ?Here's a method: Remould the supporting knife of the mixing mill machine.

Before the modification, the operator of the mixing mill needs to hold a cutting knife to continuously cut the rubber materials ,then make the rubber materials upturning on the rollers.   The operator must continue the operation until the processing completed,In which requrires high concentration ,so the labor intensity is very high .      

If we add another cutter at the bottom of the mixing mill machine .When need, operator just need to step on the pedals and then the cutter will automatically lift to cut the rubber materials, The cutter can automatically push against the rubber materials,when action of cutting the materials is finished ,the cutter will fall down automatically ,This will greatly reduce the labor intensity .(As showing below:)

Although it’s just a little cutter,But it plays a big role in production. It avoids the fatigue operation because of the long time manual working, It’s not only reduces the labor intensity of operators, but also improves the safety factor of production, it may be called that we will get two birds by one stone.


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